Songs of the Rich and Famous

by Monty Harper and the Skyline 5th Graders, May 2011

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These songs were written by students collaborating with songwriter Monty Harper during a residency at Skyline Elementary in Stillwater Oklahoma in May of 2011. The recordings are rough demos, posted so the kids can learn their songs. You are welcome to download and enjoy them too.


released May 25, 2011

All songs written by Monty Harper and Skyline Elementary 5th graders in Stillwater, OK, May 2011




Student Songs Stillwater, Oklahoma

Monty Harper helps 3rd-5th grade students create and perform original songs that make meaningful connections.

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Track Name: This is My Day
Dressing up fancy, brushing my hair
Gotta look my best when I get there
Grandma and sister waiting in the car
Momma taking pictures like I'm some kind of star
Now is time to go you know we can't be late
Today's the big day, I’m gonna graduate

This is my day
This is my time to shine
This is my big moment
and I'm feeling fine
It always seemed so far ahead
But that was yesterday
Now I can say hip hip hooray
Cause this is my day

Standing on stage it feels a bit strange
Thinking bout next year, how will things change?
It took me so long to get to the top
What happens after this? Will the bubble just pop?
I donno how to guess what the future may be
It doesn’t matter right now; the spotlight’s on me!


Now the ceremony’s over, having ice cream with my friends
Talkin bout our journey. Did it really have to end?
Class clowns, best buds, field trips to the zoo
Favorite teachers, games at recess, times we didn’t have a clue
And whatever life has waiting for me heading down the line
I always will remember this moment that was mine

Track Name: Get Outta My Head
You told me I would have to fake it
Or else you said I'd never make it
You told me I must be insane
You put me in so much pain
The sound of your voice is still following me
When will it let me be?

Get outta my head
Get outta my head
That's what I said, cause I'm seeing red
Get outta my head

You told me I was gonna loose it
But I knew I wouldn’t and I proved it
You said I wouldn't last very long
Now everybody knows you were wrong
But I can still hear your lies when I have a bad day
When will they fade away?

Repeat Chorus

Today you come crawling back to my door
Asking me can we try it once more
Now that I've found some fame
But I'm not gonna play your game
Just leave me alone like you know you should
Today I want you gone for good

You're outta my head
You're outta my head
No more red, that's what I said
You’re outta my head
I got you outta my head
Track Name: Granny Get Funky
Hey Granny it's your birthday
You gone and turned eighty
These are you grandkids
Calling to tell you
We gonna treat you
To a Hollywood party
We're coming in a limo
You gonna do the limbo
We're taking you out
Ain't no doubt
This is your moment
Never forget it

Granny granny granny get funky funky
Gotta gotta gotta get spunky spunky
Party party party like a monkey monkey
Granny it's your birthday, Granny get funky

Hey Granny shout woot woot
Put your head up in the sun roof
Wave at the people
Outside the limo
Do it up big
But don't lose your wig!
Eating cake in a stretch car
Head banging like a rock star
Don't lose your grip
Don't let em slip
There go the dentures
On an adventure

Repeat Chorus

Dance dance dance dance
Granny's in the party zone
Speech speech speech speech
Granny take the microphone
This is fun!
Let's do it again next month when it's actually my birthday!

Repeat Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Gimme That Green Paper Stuff
Gotta get the next igadget
Gotta brag to everybody at school
Trouble is my pockets are empty
Having no cash ain't ever cool
Money is the magic paper
I never can get enough
Money money money money money
Gimme that green paper stuff

Wanna build a great big mansion
And walk around in Gucci shoes
Wanna drive a Lamborghini
Instead I got the money blues
Money is the stars up in the sky
Without it life is tough
Money money money money money
Gimme that green paper stuff

OK mom let's think about this
I worked that long long hour
You didn't even pay me enough
To buy you one small flower
Come on dad I need a raise
I know you have the power
I'll make your bed, I'll rub your feet
I'll even take a shower

Gonna do whatever I need to
Sell my sister for a loan
Rob a bank or dig for gold
Steal a mint and print my own
I’d even consider getting a job
And that is not a bluff
Money money money money money
Gimme that green paper stuff
Money money money money money
Gimme that green paper stuff
Money money money money money
Gimme that green
paper stuff